Admissions Process

Step 1: Initial Contact

Your journey with Treehouse Thailand begins by reaching out to us by telephone or email to inquire about our treatment programmes and how we can help you. During your initial call, we will provide you with information about our treatment options and address any questions you may have. This conversation is confidential. You can call us direct at +66 981 106 555 and speak to one of our team.


Step 2: Telephone Assessment

Following your initial guidance call, one of our counsellors will contact you for a more detailed discussion about your personal, medical, and mental health history. This assessment allows us gain a deeper understanding of your unique needs and enables our counsellors to start developing a customised treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your needs.


Step 3: Deposit and Travel Arrangements

Our admissions team will send you a registration form and invoice. We can assist you with travel arrangement to Chiang Mai, including flights and visa requirements.


Step 4: Arrival in Thailand

Upon your arrival in Chiang Mai, a member of our support staff will meet you at Chiang Mai International Airport. After collecting your luggage, you will be privately transported to our treatment centre, conveniently located just 30 minutes away.


Step 5: Arrival at Treehouse Thailand

Before you commence your treatment at Treehouse Thailand, you will undergo a comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluation from our clinical team. This evaluation allows us to further develop a personalised treatment plan that takes into account your unique circumstances, needs, and preferences.


Step 6: Treatment at Treehouse Thailand

Following your assessment, you will settle into a structured routine that includes individual and group counselling sessions, wellness therapies, physical exercise, and group excursions with fellow clients.


Step 7: Aftercare in Your Home Country

Upon completion of treatment, we will provide you with a discharge summary and a range of aftercare options for when you return home. Our support extends beyond your time in residential treatment and may include online aftercare, Virtual outpatient treatment, access to our alumni network, and more.

Visas for Visiting Thailand

Most nationalities are eligible for a 30-day visa exemption on arrival in Thailand. If you require a longer visa validity, we can assist you in applying for an extended visa before you leave your home country or arrange for a visa extension from Chiang Mai immigration department. You can find more information on countries entitled to visa exemption here.


Flights to Chiang Mai

If you are unable to get direct flights to Chiang Mai from your origin country, you will need to fly to Bangkok and take a short connecting flight (approximately one hour) to Chiang Mai. Frequent connections are available throughout the day from several domestic airlines.