Integrated Light and Sound Therapy

Integrated Light and Sound Therapy at Treehouse Thailand uses Neurovizr to provide a drug-free way to enhance your life.

It harnesses the transformative power of an innovative 9-LED panel, designed to enhance brain function by activating extensive neural networks. By stimulating both the central and autonomic nervous systems, it improves cognitive stability, sharpens focus, refines cognitive operations, and aligns physiological functions with brain activity for better mental clarity.

The integrated soundscapes, ranging from calming theta waves to stimulating beta waves, are meticulously engineered to synchronise with the light patterns. This alignment enhances both immediate cognitive states and long-term mental traits, creating a cohesive sensory experience that drives profound cognitive and emotional shifts.

  • Instant relief from mental overload
  • Improved sleep by aligning your circadian cycle
  • Immediate stress and anxiety relief through a “state” shift
  • Boosted focus and performance
  • Enhanced brain functionality and responsiveness
  • A drug-free alternative for mental well-being

This revolutionary technology uses light and sound to activate your mind and improve your overall well-being. Benefits include:

Improving Your Sleep

Enjoy a deeper, more refreshing sleep every night by synchronising your sleep with your Circadian Rhythm using our Better Sleep sessions.

Enhanced Performance

Elevate your focus and performance with our customised sessions to enhance mental clarity and boost productivity, leading to significant improvements in your daily tasks. Stay sharp and efficient all day long.

Remove Stress and Anxiety

Experience immediate relief from stress and anxiety with sessions that induce a “State Shift,” effectively easing discomfort and quickly lowering stress levels. Turn distressing moments into states of calm and control.

Activate A Dormant Mind

Revitalise and energise your brain with light and sound sessions to enhance brain function and responsiveness, with specialised sessions aimed at improving specific cognitive skills. Unlock your brain’s full potential every day.

How Does It Work?

The NeuroVizr LED panel generates three simultaneous dimensions of light messaging to deliver a powerful and captivating experience. MACRO patterning, MESO body pulsing, and MICRO flickering cascades create a gratifying First Language brain interaction.