Accommodation and Facilities


Treehouse Thailand is committed to providing an environment that supports your journey to wellness and recovery.

Unique Lanna-styled accommodation is comprised of 8 en-suite log cabins nestled along the banks of the Ping River.

The interior of each cabin is thoughtfully designed to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, with wooden furnishings, soft lighting, and natural elements that harmonise with the surrounding environment.

The spaciousness of our accommodation ensures that you have ample room to relax and rejuvenate, with modern amenities harmoniously integrated with Lanna-inspired elements.


Beyond the comforts of your room, our resort offers a range of facilities. Indulge in traditional Thai massages and wellness treatments, provided by skilled therapists who draw from ancient healing practices. Engage in holistic therapies, such as yoga and meditation, or enjoy a range of spa facilities to enhance your well-being.