Our Therapies

Relational Therapy

Sometimes, we end up hurting those we love repeatedly and it might feel like there is no solution in sight. Therapy for couples and families can help identify root causes for conflicts, empower you with methods for constructive resolutions, and help strengthen your relationships even more than before.


Our core self is calm, confident, and compassionate. Over time however, painful emotions like anger and shame can create sub-personalities in us that results in self-destructive behaviours. Learn how to heal these wounded parts of yourself and connect back to your true core self.

A powerful technique for helping individuals unpack unconscious trauma, brainspotting therapy works by noticing where you look when recounting a traumatic incident. Once such a ‘brainspot’ has been identified, your therapist will guide you towards processing and overcoming this trauma, releasing your mind and body into complete healing.

Light therapy enhances brain function by stimulating the central and autonomic nervous systems to improve cognitive stability, sharpen focus, and align physiological functions with brain activity to improve mental clarity.

When combined with integrated soundscapes, including calming theta waves to stimulate beta waves, a cohesive sensory experience drives profound cognitive and emotional shifts.

Woman listens to calming theta waves with headphones

By manipulating eye movements, EMDR helps individuals to create new and positive associations with past traumatic memories, empowering them to feel in control of their future.

In reframing the way one perceives events, CBT can help individuals develop new and healthier ways of thinking about themselves and situations—no matter how negative they may be. This therapy equips one with the independence to confidently handle the emotions that come with challenging life situations.

By teaching individuals about mindfulness, interpersonal communication, acceptance, and emotional regulation techniques, DBT helps individuals create a calmer and more confident approach to resolving emotional distress in their daily lives.

By measuring your body and brain’s physiological responses to certain traumatic memories, a biofeedback machine gives a clear snapshot of how you really feel about them. With this insight, your therapist will help you process these emotions and chart a path towards greater clarity and freedom.

Man relaxes during Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Therapy

We are the only rehab in Asia to offer a no obligation assessment with a clinical psychologist so you can create a clear picture of the support you need.

Calm down your nervous system with exercises designed to relief tension and stress.

Walkway lit by sunlight through trees

Learn how to operate at peak performance every day through a holistic appoach to caring for and developing your mind and body.

Through talk therapy with an empathetic therapist in a safe and confidential environment, you’ll learn to identify and overcome limiting beliefs in your own life.


Mindfulness practices offer plenty of positive benefits. However, those living with the after-effects of trauma often find it challenging to be in the present—flashbacks or overwhelming emotions are common sensations. With a trauma-sensitive mindfulness practice, individuals are empowered to achieve a state of calm, mindful being by approaching and releasing stored trauma with gentleness.

Old traumas are often under-appreciated when considering the cause of illness. Osteopathy provides a unique perspective, and in some instances an unexpected solution. Treehouse Thailand is the only rehab clinic in Thailand to provide Osteopathy therapy to all our clients as part of their treatment.

Osteopathy therapist work on mans back

Acupuncture is well known for combatting trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD symptoms. By harmonizing out-of-balance emotions, acupuncture can help you return to an appropriate relationship with fear, anger, and grief instead of feeling like they rule your life. Through working with our psychologists to address your trauma, acupuncture can support that process and speed up your progress in therapy.

Acupuncture Therapy for treating PTSD

An ancient healing ritual, sound healing taps on the vibrations from instruments like singing bowls to induce a state of balance in your nervous system. Feel yourself drifting into a state of calm as sonic vibrations wash over you.

Our breath is our source of life. Learning how to breathe consciously can allow you to feel a fuller sense of release, expansion, and calmness as you ground yourself in the present moment.

Express yourself by creating tunes with instruments or singing, or simply listen to some melodies and tune in to a greater sense of calm, control, and stress-relief. Musical experience is not required.

Let your inner child out to play as you discover your innermost thoughts and emotions through the multi-sensorial experience of making art with your hands. All are welcome—an artistic background is not required.

Also known as float therapy, sensory deprivation tank therapy helps ease anxiety, soothe muscle tension, and improve circulation. Experience a better sleep and calmer state of mind in one of the only four float tanks in Thailand.

Fitness and Nutrition

Feel a shift in your energy levels and mental clarity as you embark on a consistent exercise routine with our health and fitness instructor. From strength training to cardiovascular workouts and yoga, there’s something for everyone of any fitness level.

This diet is all about increasing levels of the hormone “dopamine”, and at the same time shedding pounds. Our nutritionist has designed a full menu to boost levels of dopamine while assisting in achieving weight-loss that boosts mood too. This is crucial in your early state of recovery to help you achieve results through changing the way you eat. This is the reason why we do not serve buffet meals but rather cook fresh ala-carte meals for you.

Treatment that can help improve brain function and decrease symptoms associated with certain mood disorders. It works by using an alternative form of vitamin B3 called nicotinamide riboside, or niagen for short, to increase NAD+ levels. NAD supplements have been shown to increase energy levels and improve cognitive function which translates into better functionality and mood regulation.

Vitamin pills